How to set up Everything

Agencyprof Setup

The setup is depending on your Windows version.

Windows 8.1 and later

(For Windows 7 see below)


Go to, click on downloads and select your version for setup depending on your operating system,

and start it.


Pretty much straight forward, just accept the defaults.





There are post installation steps to be done,


so do not start Agencyprof.


Open the directory C:\Agencyprof with the explorer and move all files ending on .ocx to C:\Windows\SysWOW64, confirmation required. COMDLG32.OCX, MSComCtl.ocx, Resizer.ocx and cswsk32.ocx have to be moved.


Then start postinst.bat as adminitrator (right click),

and you will get 4 acknowledgements of successful registrations.


Exit with <Enter>


And done.


You could now start Agencyprof with the included database in MS Access format. There might be some limitations depending on different access limitation structures. Consider using a MySQL Server


Continue at MyODBC below

Windows 7

Start setup.exe after you unpacked the zip archive.


When the setup starts it is recommended but not a must to change the path to C:\Agencyprof.

During the setup you will be given warnings because files you already have are newer than the ones that would be installed. In every case keep your own version and do not replace them.


In the end ieframe.dll cannot be registered because it is already registered in Windows 7


That’s it.


.The Agencyprof installer does not provide a recent version of the program. The current version can always be downloaded here:

Download it now and replace the existing C:\Agencyprof\Agencyprof1.exe

You could now start Agencyprof with the included database in MS Access format. There might be some limitations depending on different access limitation structures. Consider using a MySQL Server




In the likely case of using MySQL you will need a MyODBC Driver from, once you are there you can also get the server from


You might be required to take an older version due, the latest version did not work here. Installable versions can be found in the “unsorted” download area on

There is not much to say about this. Haste through.




Get an empty Agencyprof database here, and import it to your server using HeidiSQL:

save it to the desktop and start HeidiSQL, open your connection as described in the MySQL Installation – or if your server is elsewhere create and open a connection to it:

You should see the connection name (here localhost) marked, click on the tab Query (Abfrage).


Drag and drop the file apleer into the big white area below the tabname. You will get a message recommending the direct execution, do so.


The import will start, …


and sooner or later will be finished (hopefully without error). Only if there is no error is displayed it is safe to continue.


The display did not change after the import, it has to be refreshed. Click on localhost (connection nme) on the left and press the [F5] key or click the refresh icon. You will find an new database “example” in the list on the left.


You can close HeidiSQL and delete apleer.sql or save it somewhere out of sight.

Agencyprof first start

Last not least do the first start of Agencyprof. If you followed all steps so far you should fill the form accordingly. Feel free to choose any user id, but do not use spaces or umlaute in it. Check the “Driver” field with the MyODBC version you have installed.


Click on the login arrow for now, more about this form can be found when you click on [?].


Agencyprof remembers te window positions when you close them. On first open they will appear top left. Topmost you will find the main form. – ignore it for now and close the window below (addresses) by clicking on the [X] bottom left.

It will be seen the form for managing data associated with the login name (here www). Fill in some things at least name, phone and mailaddress, then close the window by again clicking the bottom left [X].


Return here, click on [weitere Einstellungen] when you have installed the program you use for creating documents. Enter the full filename where it can be found here:

 Looks like OpenOffice here.

You will be asked if you want to save the changes, say yes. Whenever you change your own userdata the program has to be restarted and this happens next. Agenscyprof restarts itself and you can relogin.