How to set up Everything

MySQL on Windows

Feel free to use MySQL on any OS you wish. Installation procedure is different depending on that. It will be installed on Windows 10 here. Download a recent version of MySQL from


A MySQL 5.6 Community Server will be taken here.



Select Custom install and navigate to MySQL Server 5.6




… install …



Use defaults plus advanced options


Select a strong password

and let the server start as a service (all defaults).

Start the configuration.


Now it is said that a MySQL server is running. – We will check.




is a very nice tool to access and manage MySQL servers. Get it from

Pretty much fast forward here (defaults)


This is my selection:


I do not register .sql files with HeidiSQL because I prefer an editor here.

On we go.

… and starting it.


First create a new connection and name it localhost.

on the right side enter the password and possibly select compressed communication. (Did not hurt for me so far and sounds promising.)


These settings will be saved,


And hopefully – yes we see “something”(no error). MySQL is running on your machine.


Great, but no break,

Go to the tools and administer the users.


You will see some roots on the left side. The list says from what machines the user root may access the server. We want access from everywhere. This overrules the remaining 2 so lets take the IPv6 Address ::1 and change “comes from host” to everywhere.

Well, that is the fast way from which we know it leads to hell. Consider security. You might wish to get real users and restict access seriously. This is advanced configuration. In doubt get help.

Well done, the new collection: