How to set up Everything

Agencyprof “E-Mail included”

This is only important if you plan to read e-mails into the contact history of Agencyprof for later reference or want to use Agencyprof for sending mails also. This is not required. As you will see later you can use your existing e-mail client.

Agencyprof supports standards, not certain e-mail programs. Apparently Thunderbird is a very good choice, MS Outlook is not too much, however this is not the reason why you might want to change your habits. Even if Outlook is your standard mailclient you can use Thunderbird just to send mails created by Agencyprof. Below you will also see how to configure forwarding, so that these mails also show up in your MS Outlook client.

Agencyprof itself is not able to communicate with Mailservers, but can create HTML-Mails that can be i.e. made appearing in the Thunderbird send window. Besides that there is an companion to Agencyprof, that can fetch mails from a POP-Server and send e-mails via SMTP. The


AgencyprofPOPClient cannot (and will not be able to) communicate encrypted (TLS/PGP). This is no Problem because you can send mails as before using your client, (if you send newsletters it is probably good to send plaintext. The more people read it, the better ;) – but of course you can have a local mail server that takes mails from the AgencyprofPOPClient by SMTP and pass them on by TLS.

AgencyprofPOPClient should also have a recent version, it can be downloaded here:

Save it in the same directory where Agencyprof1.exe resides.


Sending single E-Mails with Agencyprof

Via Thunderbird:

It is expected that you have installed ThunderbirdPortable (or Thunderbird) as described in how2Browser.


In Agencyprof you will have to set a usersetting:



Open your settings with a double click on your username in the main form of Agencyprof:

In the following window click on more settings:

… and add a new usersetting

sendmail=<PathToThunderbird> -remote

If <PathToThunderbird> contains blanks use “<PathToThunderbird>”

Within this example installation we would set:

sendmail=C:\Agencyprof\ThunderbirdPortable\ThunderbirdPortable.exe –remote

You may set a signature once you are there, your mail from address must be set.

Via Microsoft Outlook:

This may work. There are some differences in versions of Outlook, and things might not work as expected. However:

In the usersettings set


Make sure to remove sendmail=… if set. This setting overrides everything else.


Via older Mozilla / Netscapeclients:

Mailclient should be set to the full filename of the .exe file.

Add ‘Mozillaclient=ja’ to “mehr Userdaten” – There may be more, do not play around with running systems. L In doubt create a testuser.

Open an address and click on a [@]:


and get the prefilled mail form of Agencyprof. Make sure “external Client” is checked, enter a subject and press send. (Note how an image is added to the signature)


If you get this warning after a fresh install, never mind. Your templates are not (yet) configured.


… and get the mail presented in Thunderbird


or possibly one in Outlook (probably version dependent):

Importing incoming / outgoing Mails into Agencyprof

Create a new mailbox (possibly with your e-mail provider) and forward all mails from your mailbox also to the new one.

In this example the mail address is, we will create a mailbox Thereafter we create a forwarder from to Make sure the forwarder is additional so that you will stay able to see and handle your mails the “normal” way.


If you also want your outgoing mails to be imported into Agencyprof you add an Auto-BCC to the collector address in your e-mail client. This is where you set it in Thunderbird:


Configure Agencyprof to fetch E-Mails

Reopen the usersettings, fill the mrked fields below. In PIN you enter a passphrase that is used to encrypt the data internally. You will need it to change settings here, if you forget it just create the settings new, delete DEFAULT from the list then first. Now the ist is empty at first. In the POPServersettings you enter the userdata required to get mails from the collect account on the server. (Like in Thunderbird with IMAP. Values may vary, depending on your provider.) Write DEFAULT to the field on the right side of [Save as] and click on [Save as]. The window should look like this then. (You might notice the error in the picture: the POP_username must be examplecollect@… of course)


Then click on [clear] and write dir:Inbox to the field POPServer:


Close the window - Save? – Yes – Agencyprof restarts.

Let’s test – in the main form press the button to control the inbox:


In the next window you should see a [POP start]. If not: you did not enter dir:Inbox at the right place or AgencyprofPOPClient.exe is not in the expected path (same as Agencyprof1.exe).

Click on it.

The program will start and shortly after place itself into the task bar. The icon changes according to different states the program is in. (sending, receiving, mail present, idle): Right click it and select Restore.

In the opening window (top left) asap make the check to delete downloaded mails. (löschen)

Fine. Normally you will leave it alone in the task bar, if mail is present the main form or Agencyprof will inform about this. If you want it to auto start with Agencyprof (recommended) add a usersetting:


AgencyprofPOPClient logs actions while fetching mails in the file debug2file_<username>_pop.txt. You can open it in an editor and check for errors.

An error free cycle of mail retrieval (from an empty mailbox) looks like this:

07.03.2015 21:13:34: PopConnect...

07.03.2015 21:13:34: PopLogin...

07.03.2015 21:13:34: PopCommand ok: cmd=USER

07.03.2015 21:13:34: Password required.


07.03.2015 21:13:34: PopCommand ok: cmd=PASS params=xxxxxxxx

07.03.2015 21:13:34: logged in.


07.03.2015 21:13:34: PopGetMessageCount...

07.03.2015 21:13:34: PopCommand ok: cmd=STAT params=

07.03.2015 21:13:48: 0 0


07.03.2015 21:13:48: Messagecount: 0 0


07.03.2015 21:13:48: PopCommand ok: cmd=QUIT params=

07.03.2015 21:13:48: Bye-bye.


07.03.2015 21:13:48: Mail retrieve done

In any case of trouble check this file. Everytime the program starts it is newly created.

Viewing Mails stored in Agencyprof

Add a usersetting: mailviewer=ja

And another: take4eml=<PathToThunderbird>

If <PathToThunderbird> contains blanks use “<PathToThunderbird>”

Within this example installation we would set:

take4eml =C:\Agencyprof\ThunderbirdPortable\ThunderbirdPortable.exe


Putting it all together

Creating, sending and receiving, viewing can be seen here:


Sending directly from Agencyprof

Requieres usersettings:



Mailserver: <your SMTP server>


When you set the setting smtpauth_passwort=lalala use the form


the password will be stored encrypted internaly.

Mailserver (top left in the usersettings) will contain the name of your outgoing mailserver as i.e. used in Thunderbird before.


Creating, sending and receiving, viewing can be seen here:


Note: As long as there are outgoing mails in the queue the background colour in the main form is yellow.

Logging is done in the document directory of the user (the popclient is running for), filename is _mailausgang.log (here: C:\AgencyProf\docs.example\www\_mailausgang.log).


AgencyprofPOPClient Standalone

This is not recommended but seems to work as long as network connections are not interrupted (windows file sharing used)

Go to the users home directory (c:\users\… c:\Benutzer\…) and create a text file apserversettings.agp with an editor. Paste the following into it and fill correctly. Passwords must be encrypted. You will probably have to contact support.



userid=<Agencyprof username>




popserver=<name of POP server>

poppsswd=<you name it>


Mailserver= <name of SMTP server>

smtpauth_user=<username for sending>