How to set up Everything




This is about how to set up a private environment with public availabe selected content of Agencyprof. We will set up a server and the clients connected to it in different ways including a notebook for travelling.


This is a walkthrough, however ways may differ. All steps needed can be taken from here. At some places you will have to change it of course (passwords, usernames).


The one that hosts them all: Virtual Machines

To install Oracle VirtualBox see how2vm - PDF.


A Windows 10 Client

A platform Agencyprof runs on in a not so talkative way. how2w10AP - PDF


Setting up E-Mail- and Browser Windows 10

Using Thunderbird, Tor Browser and Firefox if really needed. how2BrowserPDF


A MySQL Server on Windows 10

No matter if dedicated server or running on one client. how2MySQL- PDF


A Client (Agencyprof on a single Machine)

To install Agencyprof on a Windows PC see how2AP- PDF


May be usefuls



A Server to connect more Clients

Debian 7.8 dedicated server using MySQL and Windows filesharing (Samba)  how2D78how2Horde


AddOns, Mail Configuration Options, Scenarios

Agencyprof Mail Connectivity: how2emailPDF

Setup the developing environment using Windows 10

Special requirements must be met to setup the sources of Agencyprof. You might not be able to reproduce vital parts of the following sections.

Install Visual Basic 6: 01-vb6inst

VB6 Service Pack 3

Install Visual Basic Service Pack 3: 02-vb6SP3

VS6 Service Pack 6

Install Visual Studio Service Pack 6: 03-vs6SP6

Optional, recommended: 7zip, MyODBC

7zip, MyODBC: 04-optional-7zip-MyODBC


Get and compile the source of agencyproflib.dll: 05-agencyproflib.dll

Install Agencyprof

Install Agencyprof: 06-InstallAgencyprof

Optional, recommended: Create an empty MySQL Database

Empty MySQL DB: 07-create_empty_MySQL_db

VB6 Sources

Setup and compile the VB6 source files: 08-vb6-compiles