How to set up Everything

VirtualBox Setup

If you do not have a spare PC create a virtual machine on whatever operating system you use. You can have Agencyprof running on Windows, and Windows on Linux, Mac or Windows:

Using VMs can have huge advantages. They can be copied – not only for backups, but to other computers also. Do not forget any license restrictions. Copying a propietary Windows from one PC to anoter requires a second Windows license.



First download the VirtualBox platform package for your operating system Windows / Linux / Mac/ Solaris. Also download the VirtualBox Extension Pack with the same version number.


If you decide using a virtual machine (VM) download Virtualbox from and run the setup, you should  take the default settings as they are given:




You may get a warning that network connections will be interrupted durin setup. So better save all open work.




During setup you will be prompted several times to accept the installation of driver(s). Install them.




When the setup is completed you will be given the option to start VirtualBox. We are not ready yet, so disable it.


Instead double click the extensionpack you have also downloaded together with the setup file.


Click install, accept the license, and go ahead.




And finally we are done: